I received my first cell phone when I was 15, which was 2005. Ever  since then I paid attention to the cell phone carrier wars. My understanding of the battle has the current lineup as Verizon>AT&T >Sprint.

Lineup aside though, I’ve always had the feeling that consumers shouldn’t listen to the back-and-forth commercials between the top carriers. Figuring out which provider will best utilize an overpriced two-year contract requires research! This is a task that many consumers are forgetting to do lately.

An article published by The Atlantic Wire this week emphasizes the point:

“Sprint is only recognizing one town in America as having their full 4G LTE cellular service, and it has a population just over 25,000 and is located about an hour south of Chicago. Meet the extremely fortunate town of Kankakee, Illinois.”

That’s right folks, you probably aren’t getting 4G if you have sprint. Don’t be outraged that the beautiful EVO purchased from sprint over two years ago doesn’t have the service you thought it did. Instead, consider this a lesson well-learned and pick up a copy of Consumer Reports magazine. Even when I sold cell phones for a living the number one reason for returns was a consumer’s knack for buying without researching. Leaning on the sales people to do the research for you is a great way to waste money.

The next time you buy a phone ask friends how their service is and where they normally travel to. Look up consumer reports to see which providers do better in major cities versus rural areas. Do not let the cell phone carriers include your hard earned dollars in their incessant waring. And lastly, check out this commercial…it’s a blast form the past:

(Photo Courtesy of William Ross)