Lumosity app

I don’t use these apps every day but I’m always glad to have them handy.


There are games that don’t require much thought to win, and then there’s Lumosity. This app is not actually a game but it is full of mini-games that will exercise your brain.

The app uses “game training” (those are the mini-games) created by scientists and developers to help improve your brain’s cognition. In one study, the company says (after 10 weeks) Lumosity users showed improved brain cognition better than a group of crossword puzzle players. You can read more about previous studies done with the app on Lumosity’s site.

Lumosity is available on iOS and Android for free.


Annotable app

Whether you’re adding extra emphasis to something in a photo or just need to point something out, Annotable will get the job done. It’s an annotation app that lets people use some of its best tools (10 out of 15) at no cost.

The unpaid features are pretty versatile and include the ability to write text, draw lines, draw shapes and create arrows (though, only with the color red). To get more colors, the ability to zoom in on certain areas and blur or highlight regions of a photo, you’ll have to pay. The cost to unlock all features in about $10.

Annotable is available on iOS for free. (Sorry, this app isn’t offered on Android.)

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