Felix Grey computer glasses

If you spend a lot of time working on a computer, you may be familiar with the eye strain and pain that can go along with prolonged screen use.

I’ve experienced the sharp headaches and the dry, irritated eyes — it’s awful — but for more than a month I’ve kept up my normal 10 to 12 hours of screen time per day with no issues at all. The company to thank for my comfort is Felix Gray.

The good stuff | Felix Gray’s computer glasses look great, some would say even stylish, and come with a hard shell case for keeping them in good shape between uses.

The bad stuff | Felix Gray does not currently offer prescription glasses only non-RX and reading.

Felix Gray makes good-looking computer glasses that help keep your eyes feeling fresh by filtering some of the blue light that screens emit. Specifically, Felix Gray says its glasses filter the “most dangerous” energy wavelengths in the 400-440 nm range.

On its site, the company explains “blue light also has its benefits, so it’s important to let some of the light in as well. Our lenses do this by enabling the more beneficial 440-500 nm range to enter our eyes.”

blue light spectrum scale

Blue light has also been known to keep people from falling asleep — another issue I experienced before trying out Felix Gray’s glasses.

Yes, there are free options for limiting the amount of blue light exposure your eyes have to deal with like f.lux for Mac OS, Night Light mode on Windows, Twilight on Android and Night Shift on iOS. The problem with all those is your screen is noticeably altered.

normal screen vs screen with blue light filter

For designers, photographers and videographers especially, the screen discoloration of the freebie blue light filters is a major downside. With Felix Gray, though, computer users can look at their screens for hours with little to no eye strain and without any noticeable discoloration.

Faraday frames

I wore a burnt amber pair of Felix Gray’s Faraday frames, which were named after the scientist Michael Faraday (best known for his study of electromagnetism). I chose to use a pair with no magnification. The glasses have a wider, square lens and fit my larger head perfectly. The frames also felt sturdy to me.

Faraday Burnt Amber glasses

The hard-shell case the glasses come with is white and chic, but it is easy to scuff up. The only other thing that comes in the box is a cloth for wiping off smudges.

Recommend to a friend?

Absolutely. At first, I had a hard time seeing the value in buying a roughly $100 pair of glasses — partly because I’ve never needed glasses. Now, after trying them out, I can’t imagine doing my job without them.

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