LG G6 review: A huge improvement for LG, but can it beat out Samsung?

''LG G6 smartphone review

The G6 is a very solid phone — perhaps even LG’s best flagship in years — but its competition may end up getting the best of it. Still, though, the G6 marks a massive improvement over last year’s modular-ish G5 model and a return to a more traditional handset. The good stuff | The G6 […]

Spectacles review: For most, Snap’s video-recording sunglasses aren’t worth the cost

''Snap Spectacles for Snapchat

Spectacles may be the single most millennial thing I’ve ever purchased but — darn it — I actually enjoy using them. Though, beyond having some very occasional fun with them, I’m not sure the eyewear are worth the $130 price tag. The good stuff | Spectacles feel surprisingly sturdy, they […]

Misfit Ray review: the best-looking fitness tracker no one’s using


Misfit announced its Ray minimalist-looking fitness tracker in January. It was designed to be stylish and never taken off — because the more often a tracker is worn the better it can do its job. I’ve been using Ray since mid-March and the tracker’s done everything it’s supposed to and it’s done […]