One day left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

''Microsoft Windows 10

There’s only one day left to get a Windows 10 upgrade for free. The operating system was released almost one year ago, which means July 29 will be the last day you can save some green and get the upgrade at no cost. After that, you’re looking at paying at least $119 to upgrade. […]

Traveling with technology: Gadgets and apps worth bringing on your trip overseas


Later this month I’ll be taking an extended trip to Kazakhstan and I’ve already started packing. You see, we won’t be checking any bags (for fear of losing them to flight connections) and that means we’ll need to be more selective while packing. Gadgets tend to add bulk, so these especially have been parsed […]

Your online password is 123456? Change it. Change it now.


I attended a Stop Think Connect event at the Strategic Air and Space Museum, located just outside Omaha, at the beginning of the month. I came away with the event with one thing on my mind: I really need to change my passwords. You probably do too. Kristin Judge of Opcio Consulting […]

10 TechnoLeah approved free computer apps

''Computer Apps

Not every awesome computer application or software costs money. On the other hand there are harmful computer apps that should be avoided. Keeping these two facts in mind, check out these 10 TechnoLeah approved FREE downloads for your computer. F.lux (Win & Mac) When you spend too much time on […]

Carrier IQ invades cell phone privacy


It’s recently been brought to the public’s attention that if they’re using a cell phone classified by retailers as a “smart phone,” they might be being spied on. This fear has been exploited through literature and film going back years thanks to titles like George Orwell’s “1984”. So when Carrier […]

If it’s important, back it up


Computers are awesome, when they work, and if I had a penny for every time I saw someone crying because they lost precious memories due to failed hardware…well, I’d have a lot of friggin’ pennies. Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever. Every computer faces the possibility of failure and as a responsible […]

4 tips to a speedy Windows PC


Windows computers will inevitably slow down but that doesn’t mean a PC can’t be salvaged. Here are four tips to keeping your PC speedy: 1. Start up items, the programs that automatically turn themselves on every time you turn your computer on, are often unnecessary. Even right out of the box, […]

Anti-Virus Software and the REAL threat


Windows OS users of the internet, this is for you: When people say to me me, “Macs don’t get viruses, so that’s why I bought one.” I just have to shrug and wonder if anyone ever told them where viruses REALLY come from. NOTE: Mac OS users can benefit from […]