Any technoleah followers who have the original MagSafe power cords should listen up!

Does your power cord look like this?:

Replace ME

Recently Apple was up against a class action lawsuit, and ended up settling. So, if you are someone you know is rocking the older version of Apple’s MagSafe power cords he/she is entitled to a new power cable or money.

On top of that Apple has made it very easy to get this issue taken care of quickly. Take your damaged power adapter to an apple store or authorized apple repair center and they can swap your broken cord for a new one! If you want some money for your cord go to  and register.

Keep in mind though, Apple may choose to deny your claim if they feel the damage on the cord is not because of the defect. They call the type of damage “strain relief damage” which is further explained as “fraying, melting, straining, sparking, weakening, discoloration, bubbling, overheating and/or separation of the Adapter’s strain reliefs.” 

If you’re not sure if your cord qualifies compare it to the photo posted above, if you’re still not sure…take it in to an apple location and cross your fingers.

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