Your guide to choosing the right unlimited data plan

unlimited data plans

As if there weren’t already enough options for unlimited data plans, even U.S. Cellular recently joined T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon on the limitless (but technically limited) data train. Here’s what you need to know about the four largest carriers’ plans and their coverage areas. But first … Do you […]

How to avoid getting hacked

Let’s get real here for a second — there’s very little you can do to “never get hacked.” But there are a lot of things you can do to make your accounts harder to hack. So, let’s start there. Pa$$words Toss out easy to guess and basic passwords like “password” […]

How I installed Ubuntu on a 9-year-old MacBook

One night, I decided I was tired of looking at my 9-year-old MacBook and not being able to use it — I decided it was time to install Ubuntu. Aside from being old, the little MacBook was still performing really well. The only problem was that a lot of the […]

Using QuickTime on Windows? You need to uninstall it ASAP

QuickTime for Windows has a couple glaring security holes that won’t be patched. If you’re using the program, uninstall it as soon as you can. Trend Micro found two critical vulnerabilities in the video player and released a call to action Thursday saying users should get rid of it. Normally when […]

How to choose your next Wi-Fi router

Have you ever walked into a retail store, stared blankly at the wall of routers, and made a purchase based solely on the price? It’s okay, the router you purchased is probably fine. In case you want to know what you’re buying — here’s some information to make your next router purchase […]

Choosing the RIGHT laptop processor

Computer buyers often wonder whether or not a machine is “fast enough.” I’ve got news for the shoppers out there, speed is relative. Some of the common processors for retail computers are as follows: Celeron, Dual Core, Core i3 (i5, i7), Pentium, and Phenom II X2 (X4, X6). There’s a […]