If you listen to the Integrate podcast, you may know I’ve been considering buying a new smartphone. But I’m waiting until at least the end of September.

I’ve had an iPhone 5s since 2013 and I was the proud owner of an HTC-made Android before that. My 5s still runs but, depending on the day, it can be the root of a lot of frustration. So, the phone will be replaced soon. But with what?

For a while, I seriously considered making the move back to Android. After all, I miss so much the platform has to offer: more customization, more app selection, expandable memory (sometimes) and the ability to do a whole lot (software wise) that Apple just won’t allow.  But then there are a handful of apps I use regularly that are only offered on iOS, like Churchill Solitaire and Paper by FiftyThree — to name a couple.

Staying with Apple means I have two real choices: The large(r) iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE, which is physically the exact same as my current phone. Aside from their sizes, the two phones have very similar features and specs:


Here’s why I’m not pulling the trigger on a purchase anytime soon: Apple will be announcing a new iPhone as early as September. Rumors suggest the iPhone event will be September 7, with new models shipping later the same month. I don’t actually intend to purchase a new iPhone, especially if those new models ditch the universal headphone connection.

I’m waiting to buy my next smartphone — which will be an iPhone — because when new devices come out, prices drop on older models. Yeah, it’s as simple as that.

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